9 Common Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth Sensitivity, Family Dentist Phoenix

Nine Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

The Journal of the American Dental Association, or JADA, keeps track of the number of people who suffer from tooth sensitivity every year. According to one study one out of every eight Americans experience tooth sensitivity. The definition of tooth sensitivity is an intense sensation or pain that occurs after a stimulation event.

Tooth Sensitivity

There are many causes of tooth sensitivity. This is just a symptom of an underlying condition. Normally, the teeth are protected by the tooth enamel, which creates a buffer between the tooth and the nerves.

1. Tooth sensitivity could be caused by a specific behavior or habit.
2. Drinking liquids that are excessively hot or cold can cause of tooth sensitivity.
3. Ingesting acidic foods contributes to tooth sensitivity.
4. Waiting too long to brush after meals may contribute to tooth sensitivity.
5. Incorrect brushing techniques can aggravate tooth sensitivity.
6. Using toothbrushes with hard bristles might play a role in tooth sensitivity.
7. Grinding the teeth has been connected to tooth sensitivity problems.
8. Vitamin deficiencies can also contribute to tooth sensitivity.
9. Other causes of tooth sensitivity can be uncovered when you come to see the best dentist Phoenix, AZ has to offer at OP Dental.

Tooth Sensitivity Causes

The other causes of tooth sensitivity can only be uncovered through a bi-annual visit to a general dentistry practitioner. There are specific signs that the tooth has an underlying cause that isn’t directly related to the patient’s behaviors. These can include pain that is sudden and intense, for example.

The pain might also happen only while eating or when using a mouth rinse made from alcohol. The pain might also have a sudden onset without any clues about the cause. Sinus infections, eating disorders, recent dental procedures and congenital conditions are all possible underlying causes of tooth sensitivity. Take heed of any signs that you need to go to a general dentistry practitioner.

Family Dentist Phoenix, Overview of Services

Family Dentist Phoenix offers a variety of services designed to either prevent tooth sensitivity or to resolve the underlying problems involved. There could be different causes for the tooth sensitivity, for example. This is why it’s critical to get a full view of the situation during the initial visits. The services offered at OP Dental Care cover everything from general dentistry to preventative services.

  • General dentistry: General dentistry services enable patients to get a full view of the dental situation at hand through X-rays and other diagnostic measures. The general dentistry process also includes a treatment plan that monitors progress over time. High-quality X-rays can reveal a variety of problems, so get in contact. Our general dentistry will help you to discover the best dentist Phoenix, AZ has to offer.
  • Emergency dentistry: Emergency dental care if provided to the community in order to offer a reliable course of action in the case of a dental emergency. This might include existing problems with previous dental work, but it could also involve a sudden onset of symptoms like pain, headaches and inability to eat.
  • Surgical dentistry: The surgical dentistry team at Family Dentist Phoenix can help you if you have a condition that exceeds the treatments available through other services. The surgical dentistry might involve oral surgery and anesthesia, for example.
  • Preventative dentistry: Prevention is the best course of action for those who want to keep pain or tooth sensitivity from developing. Patient education is the key to preventing gum disease and tooth decay. Preventative dentistry also includes testing in order to catch the condition early in the process. It also includes procedures that remove tarter and plaque from the gum line.
  • Cosmetic dentistry: There are many cosmetic dentistry procedures that are designed to enhance your appearance and restore your confidence in your smile. This could include a variety of procedures such as veneers, braces, teeth whitening and cosmetic fillings, for example.
  • Restorative dentistry: Restorative dental work can enhance the quality of your daily life and improve your self-esteem. OP Dental Care offers a range of restorative dentistry services. This could include anything from dental crowns to bridges or full-mouth restoration services.

About Tooth Sensitivity

The tooth sensitivity experienced by many patients can be resolved when you consult with an experienced family dentist Phoenix, AZ. Once there is a loss of enamel or other buffering on the teeth, the nerves can become exposed. This is a common reason that people will come into the office to get services from our affordable dental care Phoenix team.

Supplemental Services

We treat patients complaining of tooth sensitivity. However, we are also concerned with educating the patients about why the tooth sensitivity is happening. This might include identifying the source of the over-stimulation of the exposed tooth nerve, for example. It can also include a questionnaire to discover underlying habits and behaviors that might contribute to the tooth sensitivity.

However, there are other services that can supplement the treatment plan for your specific tooth sensitivity issue. This can include a variety of services that are designed to offer total care in addition to addressing the problem that brought you into the best dentist Phoenix, AZ.

  • Dental implants: While you’re in the clinic for tooth pain or sensitivity, we can provide you with advice on dental implants.
  • Cosmetic dentist: Many patients start their journey by coming in to find out why they are experiencing tooth pain. We can also educate you about the various cosmetic dentistry procedures offered out our Family Dentist Phoenix clinic.
  • Teeth whitening Phoenix: Take advantage of our services for teeth whitening while you’re getting your dental problem examined.

Our Family Dentist in Phoenix offers a variety of services that address the specific cause of the patient’s tooth pain. The cause of the tooth sensitivity must be uncovered in order to apply the most appropriate treatment plan. The patient education process can help you to maintain the benefits of any other dental service that is deemed to be necessary and appropriate. Find out how to prevent or reduce your tooth sensitivity by contacting our office.

Our facility is a trusted location for anyone seeking relief from tooth sensitivity from our family dentist Phoenix, AZ. Get the best dental health care Phoenix has to offer, and find out the underlying cause of the tooth sensitivity on the very first visit. We understand that new patients are concerned about accessing affordable dental care Phoenix. Talk with our compassionate service professionals to discover what options are available for your situation.